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Further tweaks to WikiGrok UI
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In the first step (CTA) make it match the mock-up below (ignore text error):

The existing footer should still apply to every other step in the workflow (in all versions):

Make the spinner appear in the button after the next button is clicked, rather than the spinner being in the tag area.

Make sure the heart image shows up in the thank you message.

After it's implemented, sit down with Moiz and make sure everything looks awesome.

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What about cases like this?

Change 201862 had a related patch set uploaded (by Kaldari):
Fixing styling of intro and thanks panes in WikiGrok

This may be blocked on T95490. We'll need to speak with @Jdlrobson, who brought this up during code review, about moving forward with this.


… and, I guess, the best approach to start adopting OOJS.

Change 201862 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fixing styling of intro and thanks panes in WikiGrok

This is now ready for design review and sign off if appropriate. Ping @KHammerstein, @MSyed.