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FlaggedRevisions unknown error while using API
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When I am issuing this API query:

24 OUT POSTDATA revid=654640615&token=f040dc859397f722030c03458aef497f551d557f%2B%5C&comment=Accepted%20using%20Huggle%20%28%5B%5BWP%3AHG%7CHG%5D%5D%29

I am receiving:
24 IN <?xml version="1.0"?><api servedby="mw1132"><error code="unknownerror" info="Unknown error: &quot;&quot;" xml:space="preserve">See for API usage</error></api>

If I don't use POST I receive mustposttoken error. The extension should provide some more clear error on what is wrong, I am following action=help&modules=review

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