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The default languages shown for CX are sub-optimal and pollute the list of common languages
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As reported here, a user landing CX in French Wikipedia gets French-to-Bulgarian as the default language pair when creating a new translation. Later, Bulgarian appears as a red interlanguage link (which is confusing because Bulgarian is not a language the user speaks).

The following issues should be solved:

  • Whichever are the default languages proposed to the user, those should not be stored in the list of common languages unless the user explicitly selects them (or confirms the default ones by starting a translation).
  • The local language makes more sense to be proposed as the target language, not the source.
  • As the source language, if there is no better information (such as previous selections), English may be a better default than a random (or alphabetical) choice as the default.

Similar issues

T94845, T94869, and T96547 are similar issues related to the interlanguage links entry point.

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The red link appears on every pages now.

Thanks for the clear description and suggestions, @Pginer-WMF. I indeed ran into it a few times and your suggestions will be a good improvement.

Change 209314 had a related patch set uploaded (by Amire80):
Make language selection saner

Change 209314 merged by jenkins-bot:
Make language selection saner

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