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Ensure that all running webservices have a services.manifest file
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Initial run, after this webservice will take care of maintaining these.

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Done for all webservices with a bigbrotherrc \o/

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$ diff -u0 <(qstat -j lighttpd-\*,tomcat-\*,uwsgi-\*,nodejs-\* -u \* -xml | sed -ne 's/^ *<JB_owner>\(.*\)<\/JB_owner>$/\1/p;' | sort -u) <(cat /data/project/servicemanifests | awk -F'/' '{ print "tools." $2; }' | sort -u) | grep '^-'

Yay :D

The servicemanifests file was generated with

$ find . -mindepth 2 -maxdepth 2 -name 'service.manifest' -exec grep -l '^web' \{\} +  > servicemanifests