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badtoken in site.patrol()
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ERROR: Test the site.patrol() method.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/travis/build/wikimedia/pywikibot-core/tests/", line 1360, in testPatrol
    result = list(mysite.patrol(rcid=rc['rcid']))
  File "/home/travis/build/wikimedia/pywikibot-core/pywikibot/", line 4629, in patrol
    result = req.submit()
  File "/home/travis/build/wikimedia/pywikibot-core/pywikibot/data/", line 1698, in submit
    raise APIError(code, info, **result["error"])
APIError: badtoken: Invalid token
-------------------- >> begin captured logging << --------------------
pywiki: VERBOSE: Found 5 wiktionary:fr processes running, including this one.
pywiki: VERBOSE: START /home/travis/build/wikimedia/pywikibot-core/tests/
pywiki: INFO: Sleeping for 47.9 seconds, 2015-04-05 00:32:19
pywiki: VERBOSE: API Error: query=
{'action': [u'patrol'],
 'assert': [u'user'],
 'format': ['json'],
 'maxlag': ['5'],
 'rcid': [19694249],
 'token': [u'9b42b38b3ae8efd41b5ec57083a2032755208293+\\']}
pywiki: VERBOSE:            response=
{u'servedby': u'mw1191', u'error': {'help': u'See for API usage'}}

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I'm pretty sure this has been fixed, however the login_tests patch still showed some issues, so we'd need to retest.

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Didn’t occur again the last 3 years I guess