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Compile a List of MediaWiki Third Party Customers
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Following the October 15, 2014 Quarterly Review, the consensus is that the release team shall implement a lightweight environmental scan to answer the following questions:
*Who are the third party customers of MediaWiki?
*Among the list of customers, who are the influencers and who have opinions?

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clusters / wiki hives/farms:,, uncyclomedia, gamepedias,,, (gone?), neoseeker, wikitravel, wikisite, referata, shoutwiki, wikifur, scoutwiki, rodovid, anarchopedias, opensuse, pardus, gentoo, w3cwikis, lxde, sourceforge

single big wikis:,,

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Thanks for creating a phabricator report for this task; the task description is not clear, please clarify the required steps here.

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I could use some feedback on this task. We have over 130 responses to the recent MediaWiki Users Survey. We have published the data from that survey, but omitted any identifying information. Is that of any value or importance in furthering this task?

The survey definitely helped and it produced "a list".

However, I think this task would like a more comprehensive list. If we can get a substantial number of responses from closed wikis to something like opt in site registration (T76579) then I'll consider this a success.

Perhaps this should be made a tracking task to keep track of the different ways we're trying to collect that information.