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Add autocompletion to CodeMirror extension
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List of all Magic words already loaded and used for highlighting.
It also can be used for auto completion.

Autocompletion also can be used for page names and Template data.

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Hi Pastakhov,

I asked some users of our wiki. One was really interested. Myself is thinking that this feature is not needed as most wikis do have a set of templates which seldom get changed. Maybe this might useful for some hackers doing mostly template changes. Maybe when adding this feature then add also an option in the user preferences so users can disable (or enable, depend on the default) the autocompletion. ;-)



For link auto-completion, it could use something similar to Extension:LinkSuggest

There’s also a fairly simple gadget in Hebrew Wikipedia that does this for pages and templates. Code.

I'd like to see this. We use CodeMirror (and LinkSuggest), but the latter doesn't work with CodeMirror.