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In MobileBeta front end, clicking in TOC does not go to a subsection whose parent section is unexpanded on the page.
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I browsed to, a page I had not visited before. I scrolled down to the TOC, opened (expanded) it, and clicked on "History | Version history | USB 3.1", a level-4 section. The entry became underlined, and it changed color from blue to purple, indicating that the link had been visited, but nothing else happened.

I scrolled down to the (closed) History heading and clicked it; it expanded. I scrolled back up to the TOC and clicked on USB 3.1 again, and the screen went to the subsection, which was open.

If the TOC shows a subhead, that section should be accessible. Clicking on it provides enough information for the system to open the containing section(s) if necessary, and the targeted subsection, and then to display the subsection.

I am using a Samsung Verizon Android Galaxy S-3, SCH-I535, OS v4.4.2, with Firefox 37.0.1.

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I can confirm, Firefox 37.0.1 on Nexus 5, Android 5 Lollipop.

Clicking the first time on the TOC does nothing. Clicking the second time will get you to where you click.

Going to try in Chrome, will report back.

For some reason only Firefox for Android is showing the TOC, Chrome for Android does not show the TOC, neither do Firefox/Chrome desktop when reloading with mobile width.

I'm confused. The TOC should only show when sections are already expanded. There was a Firefox upstream bug that is probably the cause - - can someone confirm?

@Jdlrobson: What is the expected behavior on first visiting a page? If the TOC doesn't appear till the user has

  1. manually opened section by section,
  2. scrolled down and up looking for what they want,
  3. maybeXXXXX probably accidentally tapping links as the page zooms past, consequently being irrelevantly misdirected to another page and having to return,
  4. till they (hopefully) find the section they want

then the TOC is useless and the UX is bass-ackward. Do you disagree?

I'm not blaming anyone for such behavior. But if it is in fact the case, it's a major usability bug.

To clarify:
The table of contents should only show when the sections are /not/ collapsed on page load.
On a desktop browser or a tablet the behaviour is to not collapse the sections on page load and show a table of contents
In smaller screens, to save room the headings are collapsed to serve as a table of contents. You can scan the list and find the section you want (this still has UX issues but we've optimised for users being able to get to anywhere in the article but we are all aware it is not perfect)

Mobile view:

Screen_Shot_2015-04-16_at_10.06.42_AM.png (472×398 px, 51 KB)

Tablet view:
Screen_Shot_2015-04-16_at_10.06.22_AM.png (634×894 px, 108 KB)

Sadly you are getting a broken tablet experience due to an upstream bug so seeing something in between those 2 views.

When it gets to working right, are all the headers visible? Or only the top level (h2)? And I'm on a cellphone, not a tablet. Teeny screen.

If all the section headers are visible and none of the text is expanded, that's a reasonable substitute for a TOC. If some or all of the text is expanded, it isn't. And IIRC, that's what I get in a somewhat different case. When I

  1. go to a page (call it "A"),
  2. expand some of it,
  3. then go to another page or external link in a separate tab, to check or copy something for editing page A,
  4. then come back to A
  5. and need to find another section on it...

the absence of a TOC is a definite hindrance.

@Thnidu - there's an upstream bug in Firefox, this is why your cellphone is behaving like a tablet :)

In answer to your question - no all the h2s are visible, everything else hidden... and yup I agree with you this is not the perfect substitute for a TOC (But on the other hand it is better than showing the entire toc above the headings and disrupting the reading experience).

Currently this is a technical constraint - sections are not truly first class citizens. We're hoping that @GWicke and the Parsoid team will allow us to get to a state where we could collapse all headings but we have a long way to go before that is the case so unfortunately this is the best we have for the time being :-/

Oh, well...

Has anyone considered treating the TOC somewhat like a section?

  • initially visible but collapsed: v Table of Contents
  • User able to expand and contract it at will
  • when expanded, showing all levels of headers
  • when user taps the TOC entry for a sub§, that sub§ gets expanded if it isn't already,

This would put more control tin the hands of the user.

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Created T141452 as a followup for the generic feature request.

Resolving since FF bug in upstream has been resolved and this doesn't happen anymore.