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"Who contributes code" page metrics are not updating
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Description contains information outdated, including

  • "People 2013 Q4" table
  • "How is the weight of the WMF evolving?" graph ending in August 2014
  • "The evolution of the total amount of merged commits" graph ending in February 2015

There is no way to tell whether the other metrics are updated, but seeing their neighbors it is impossible to trust them either.

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Indeed, the dashboard is not being updated. You'll probably see similar issues around.

We're considering the option of downgrading the dashboard to the version pre SortingHat given the issues we're having.

I'll provide extra feedback as soon as we make a decision.

The dashboard was successfully migrated. So we're now in a SortingHat version of the dashboard.

The Gerrit part is now the one updated together with some other parts. There may appear inconsistencies, but we're re-obtaining the whole set of metrics to avoid them.

Then, we'll work on the specific issues you mentioned in this ticket.

Thanks! will be fixed to include updated information in next dashboard update (it is already fixed in github).

Once we update in korma all the dashboard, this issue could be reviewed and closed.

Dicortazar set Security to None.

Kudos to @Acs.

This should be fixed by now. Please have a look at it.

Yep, thank you.