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Rename Phabricator tag for "continuous integration" and create a "Zuul" tag
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In Phabricator, we have a bunch of continuous integration related tasks which are tagged with the Release-Engineering-Team team. What do you think about additionally tagging them with a tag Continuous Integration? That will let us easily search for them or filter them out as needed.

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I personally support this. Take the opportunity to re-think how you manage your incoming bug reports (so they be filed by software (Jenkins, Zuul, Gearman, etc) or just in one big lump or ...?

We could then remove the Release-Engineering-Team tag from ones that aren't actively being worked on by the Release-Engineering-Team team.

Timo, I guess we can just replicate what we are doing with Bugzilla: a single tag "Continuous Integration" and prefix the tasks summaries as needed (ex: 'Jenkins: ').

If that works for you I will create a subtask asking the tag to be created.

Yep, import "Wikimedia > Continuous Integration" from BugZilla into a Phabricator project "Continuous Integration".

@Krinkle is right then, it will come over w/ bugzilla and should wait until then if it's content that should still be reflected in bugzilla now :)

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So lets wait for Bugzilla migration and we will have a "Continuous Integration" project possibly with Continuous-Integration-Infrastructure hashtag. Thank you @Krinkle and @chasemp :)

Bugzilla has been migrated so I am reopening this request.

We now have a project Wikimedia-Continuous-integration with hashtag #wikimedia-continuous-integration which shows as:


I would like the project to be renamed: Continuous integration with hashtags:


While at it, and to avoid opening another task, I could use a yellow tag named for the Zuul software. Name Zuul with hashtag #zuul sounds good :)

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Yes, please.

Sent from my phone, please excuse brevity.

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