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$wgDefaultUserOptions['editsection'] = 0 does not work
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Author: h-j.luecking

MediaWiki 1.71
Function initialiseFromUser( &$userInput ) {
Line 4591

$this->mEditSection = true;

meaning imho that by default the possibility to edit section is set to
true. I think this is a reason why in LocalSettings.php

$wgDefaultUserOptions['editsection'] = 0

does'nt work (It did not in my wiki).

In MediaWiki 1.46 you can find the line.

$this->mEditSection = $user->getOption( 'editsection' );

Here the possibility to edit section is defined by LocalSettings.php.

I used this lines for my purpose

if ($user->getID()) {
   $this->mEditSection = $user->getOption( 'editsection' );
} else {
   $this->mEditSection = 0;

by Zigger, from (http):


Version: 1.7.x
Severity: normal



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dto wrote:

By the way, this does not affect 1.8, AFAIK.

$wgDefaultUserOptions appears to be used anywhere by MediaWiki, which
would explain why it doesn't work. :)

Fixed in r16884.

dto wrote:

Sweet, I don't need to use an extension function to set defaults any more (since
the advertised UserDefaultOptions hook didn't exist either o_O).