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VisualEditor on Mobile web doesn't detect wikitext insertion
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The mobile web version of VisualEditor doesn't open dialogs when the user enters character sequences like [[ or {{.

If it doesn't open the dialogs, it should at least display the "You're using wikitext" warning as it used to do on desktop.

Example edit:

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Which browser were you using? Because T95248 claims this does work.

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Which browser were you using? Because T95248 claims this does work.

Reproducible in Chromium 41.0.2272.76 on ; It's the only browser I can test that has VE; Firefox gets the wikitext editor.

We don't do wikitext detection in mobile, but that's OK because it's not a major cause of mistakes except for missing functionality (which we need to fix by making it available).

But {{ as a character sequence is broken on mobile, which isn't OK, and that's what T95248 is about.

(Also, things working or not working in desktop Chrome is almost entirely valueless as a determinant of whether they work in actual iDevice/Android device, sadly. :-()