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Show tags in Phab Sprint and Workboard UI
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KLans_WMF, Apr 7 2015


Related Phabricator default workboard (not: sprint workboard) upstream ticket:

Currently tags are only visible on tasks when in the Maniphest UI:

In the Project UI (project and sprint boards), these tags are not displayed:

This has the following effects:

  1. We don't use tags to classify bugs / features / epics / etc… because we won't be able to tell them apart.
  2. Instead we prefix our tickets with text like "[EPIC]" so we can easily differentiate them on the sprint board.
  3. It is hard to get a "feel" for the board (i.e. is this a feature heavy sprint or a bug heavy sprint?) in a quick glance, instead you need to parse the title text or click on the individual tasks.
  4. Filtering a board on one type of task (like "bugs") is difficult because no one in practice uses tags in this way because it would be to much overhead to add the tag and update the title. (of course we could do the extra work if we really wanted to…)

Since tags are already visible in Maniphest, how big of a task would this be to implement? It would be great if this was a quick win.

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I like this. Maybe one line below the ticket name could show the first X tags that will fit, with an ellipsis that can be clicked/tapped to disclose the remainder of the tags.

@Aklapper Can you explain what happens when we tag task upstream - I guess I mean what is the process from here?

Are we deferring to other developers?
Do we work on it ourselves and contribute back?
If it is something that doesn't look like it will be slated for development upstream for a while, when/how do we make the decision to do it ourselves?

Just curious how this works and what the decision tree looks like.


@Aklapper Can you explain what happens when we tag task upstream

See the description of the project:

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This would make a world of difference.
Do we have an upstream bug open - if so could you be so kind as to link to it?

Do we have an upstream bug open

See the very first line of the task description. Note that the Sprint extension is not upstream.

@Aklapper I checked out the description. It explains the purpose of the project and I can see the columns of the board, but doesn't really layout the process of how a ticket flows and what really happens.

This ticket is currently sitting in "upstreamed" - what does that mean? What is the next steps for the ticket and how does it get there?

Sorry if these are stupid questions - just trying to get a handle on how feature requests are handled.


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+1. This would be a useful feature.

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The request to show other associated project tags on workboard cards has been fixed by the latest upgrade.
Hence closing as resolved.

Any potentially requested further tweaking should be filed as separate requests.

From T683:

Our Phabricator instance has been updated for via commit

The workboard cards now shows other projects which a huge change and make them way nicer to use.

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