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$wgFileBlacklist should include php5
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Author: manuel

The Array $wgFileBlacklist in DefaultSettings.php should contains the extension
"php5". Some Hosters e.g. use this extension for scripts using PHP5.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 21 2014, 9:24 PM
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manuel wrote:

The following line in LocalSettings.php can fix it as workaround:

$wgFileBlacklist[count($wgFileBlacklist)] = "php5";

ayg wrote:

Or just

$wgFileBlacklist[] = "php5";

The patch for this is so trivial I'm going to mark this as patch reviewed,
because it may as well be.

jimmy.collins wrote:

Added in r16899.