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Write down key points for code governance
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Write down some key points to discuss/decide in Lyon, with regards to the role and purpose of the ArchCom.

Some key questions may be:

  • Why
  • What
  • How
  • Who

Architecture Committee:

Daniel thinks the purpose of the ArchCom should be to provide:

  • Advice (e.g. via the RFC process)
  • Guidance (e.g. by establishing guidelines)
  • Supervision (e.g. by reviewing changes)
  • Resourcing (e.g. by championing projects during budget planning)

The ArchCom should aim to drive change, rather than preserve the status quo.
The ArchCom should facilitate discussion and direction finding on matters of software architecture.

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@daniel did anything happen around this in Lyon, or has there otherwise been any progress here?

@daniel bump. :) We're going to remove this ticket from the TPG board if it is not relevant anymore. Can you provide an update? Thanks!

Given the age and inactivity of this task, I am removing the 'Team-Practices' tag in an effort to tidy up TPG backlogs/boards.

If this begins moving forward at some point in the future and you'd like to loop us in again, feel free to re-add the 'Team-Practices' tag.

Would this task be a good topic for the Wikimedia-Developer-Summit (2017) ? If so, the deadline to submit new proposals is next Monday, October 31: