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Translation of stub templates
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CX should not alllow translation of stub templates (it did when I translated ! (album) to sv.)
It wanted me to translate {{1990s-indie-rock-album-stub}}. Instead CX should either suggest a replacement, not show at all, or ask for a replacement.

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The stub template mentioned in the ticket is

pasted_file (81×719 px, 13 KB)

Is there a way we can identify that a given template is stub template programmatically in every language? I doubt. Alternatively CX does not force translate every section. A translator is free to skip sections that they feel irrelevant to target language.

Actually, this is the direction we would like to go. At present we are hiding some sections in source article that CX cannot adapt. This is done without informing the translator. There are bugs reported to avoid that show everything in source article as such and visually mark such sections and provide option to skip or copy. has some notes on this.

Please see T139332: CX1 Template editor (tracking) (deprecated) also for some design options we are exploring to process templates.

Since the translation editor has improved over the last years and it is very easy to skip a section from translating. I don't think there is anything actionable here. +cc @Pginer-WMF

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