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beta-scap-eqiad no more run due to ssh Permission denied
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I noticed the beta-scap-eqiad Jenkins job and update-db job borked over night (around midnight UTC) due to /var on deployment-bastion.eqiad.wmflabs being full. Clearing /var/ resumed them.

@KartikMistry filled T95539 the deployment-salt puppet master had a stall copy of operations/puppet.git . Turns out some cherry pick have been made ~ 9 days ago and prevented the magic script to auto rebase the repository. I have fixed it.

Since then, the beta-scap-eqiad job is failing because scap cant ssh to the MediaWiki instances:

15:18:26 Started sync-apaches
['/srv/deployment/scap/scap/bin/sync-common', '--no-update-l10n'] on deployment-videoscaler01.eqiad.wmflabs returned [255]:
  Warning: Permanently added 'deployment-videoscaler01.eqiad.wmflabs,' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.
  Permission denied (publickey).

Which is probably related to 9+ days of puppet changes being applied to the instances :(

I attempted debugging it but could not find anything.

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