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Labs multilingual tile server lacks localized labels
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This slippy map suggests that the osm-multilingual tile server on Labs supports localized maps the same way does (example). It loads tiles such as the following:,_/4/3/6.png,_/4/3/6.png,_/4/3/6.png

However, all these tiles contain the same local-language labels, corresponding to the name tag in OSM rather than tags like name:en or name:de. The same is true for any other language selection:,_/4/3/6.png,_/4/3/6.png,_/4/3/6.png,_/4/3/6.png,_/4/3/6.png,_/4/3/6.png,_/4/3/6.png,_/4/3/6.png

If I omit the _, which is supposed to be the local fallback, I always get a 404 error no matter how many times I retry:

The old Toolserver tile server worked for all the Wikimedia languages. I had to switch the Vietnamese Wikipedia’s OSM gadget to use and would like to hook it up to WMF Labs once its language support is built out.

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Who maintains the * tile servers? It's not the WMF maps team.

Who maintains the * tile servers? It's not the WMF maps team.

See T187601.