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On beta cluster citoid should self update and reload after change is merged
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Citoid config file has been updated via puppet but the code hasn't been automatically updated causing the service to go down (T95616).

For Parsoid and Cxserver, we have set the beta cluster instances to be Jenkins slave, we have a job running after a merge in master happened which checkout the change and reload the service.

The jenkins-deploy user has a sudo policy on wikitech to be able to reload the service.

We should probably set the citoid machine to be a Jenkins slave and craft a job for it.

With the number of services running, we might want to later on migrate to Trebuchet.

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@mobrovac and I had some pairing last week to train him up on JJB usage. The informal .plan is to revisit each of the mediawiki services backend and have them all configured alike. Namely:

  • proper source/deploy jenkins jobs
  • self update via Jenkins jobs on postmerge

Taking the bug under my umbrella, going to be done soonish ™

The task is obsolete, we no more use Jenkins to deploy the services. AFAIK that is done manually by pulling a Docker image and restarting the container.