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Link with <nowiki/> as only label
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I don't know if this is the same issue as T72286.

In , a link was inserted that had no label other than a nowiki: [[Qatar Airways|<nowiki/>]].

I don't know the exact sequence of events that led to this, but this probably shouldn't ever happen.

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On there are plenty of <nowiki/> tags.

nowiki is placed in links combined with a dash, e.g. |[[Aéroport international Roi-Abdelaziz|JED]] - [[Aéroport international de Los Angeles|<nowiki/>]][[Aéroport Sydney-Kingsford Smith|LAX]]


[[Boeing 777|<nowiki/>]][[Saudia|B777-300ER]] --> Saudia will be the link for both. Unfortunately, so far the bug is not reproducible.
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I don't know if it's reproducible or not, but it's quite easy to find such problems: [[972|<nowiki/>]][[1795|972]]

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I thought these were now impossible for Parsoid to save?

I thought these were now impossible for Parsoid to save?

No, Parsoid doesn't treat links with empty content specially right now. One more for scrubWikitext.

Theoretically these may now be fixed as of tomorrow's release on wiki – feedback appreciated.

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Let's find out.

@Jdforrester-WMF thinks we may have rolled out a Parsoid normalization patch in the last few days which may have addressed this issue (yes, we know that's very unhelpful—sorry). Keeping this task open so we keep tracking the issue.

No, we haven't yet implemented this normalization. But, we are focusing on nowikis this week, so should be able to get to it for next week's deploy.

Change 229597 had a related patch set uploaded (by Arlolra):
T95730: Scrub empty anchors

@ssastry: [[Allemagne|<nowiki/>]][[Italie|Allemagne]] was likely to fixed by tag minimization when scrubWikitext was actually turned on. But the more general case is in the patch above.

Change 229597 merged by jenkins-bot:
T95730: Scrub empty anchors