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pressing enter on browser autocomplete doesn't pick the autocompleted name
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To reproduce:

  1. Open
  2. Go to the "Preview page with this template" input box. Type "South Africa". Press Enter. The page "South Africa" is loaded below.
  3. Close the tab.
  4. Open again.
  5. Go to the "Preview page with this template" input box. Type "South". "South Africa" should appear as autocomplete. Press arrow down till you get to the "South Africa" item". Press Enter.

Observed: The page "South" is loaded below.
Expected: The page "South Africa" is supposed to be loaded.

Either the correct select page from autocomplete should be loaded, or this input box should support MediaWiki's own autocompletion, like the search box.

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I tried this with Google Chrome and it works fine for me. After the selection of South Africa with the arrow keys and pressing enter, the selected autocomplete value is inserted into the form's input field. After pressing Enter again, the preview of the South Africa page is showed. Do I miss something?

However, supporting the MediaWiki autocompletion with available titles is something I would love, too (in fact, I was looking if there's already a task for this, that's why I found this one :P). So I'll open a subtask to implement this and this would probably fix this task, too? :)

Well, @Florian, I checked this now in Firefox, and this time it works. Maybe some patch in past year fixed it? Should we close this task, @Amire80?

Aklapper claimed this task.

No feedback for a week, hence assuming it's fixed. Thanks everybody for retesting.
Please reopen if this is still a problem.