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shared-image-desc must have lang and dir attributes that match the wiki that hosts the shared image
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shared-image-desc is brought from a site that may have a language that is different from the wiki on which it is viewed. In the Arabic Wikipedia, for example, this causes the description show up in the wrong direction. lang and dir attributes must be set according to the language of the wiki that hosts the image. In the case of Wikimedia Commons it's en/ltr, but this can be different for other wiki families.

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TheDJ added a comment.Apr 13 2015, 5:40 PM

This problem runs VERY VERY deep.

The description is fetched by File::getDescriptionText(), which basically just calls action=render on the other repo, passing the current content language as a uselang= param.

This sort of works, sort of doesn't, since some content on Commons is written to properly use the {{int:}} magic word and adds the appropriate annotations by itself, but most of it isn't. And worse, the render tag doesn't give you the information for the 'default' (fallback).

This whole process also needs to stay somewhat stable due to InstantCommons.

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