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Makebot extension is broken
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Author: koneko

When on try to give/revoke bot access on valid user names, a "no such user"
error appears.

the problem was tested on :
ko:wp (by User:PuzzletChung)
fr:wp (by User:Darkoneko ; I tried adding user: and utilisateur: with the name, too)
meta: (by User:Datrio)

The [[Special:Makesysop]] was too tested on meta (by User:Datrio) and seems to
be working fine.

The last working try of giving bot right was found on de:, on 14 october 2006 at
08:41 (but only a few wp were checked)

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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koneko wrote:

hmm, a gentle soul just whispered me the other test was on
[[Special:Userrights]] and not [[Special:Makesysop]] :) thanks to him/her

sebmol wrote:

Patch to fix makebot after user class rewrite

User class rewrite requires one line change in makebot so user is found and
user data is loaded correctly