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Plan for small "todo" author owned tasks
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Arcanist has a todo function that creates a small task in Phabricator with only a title and the authored assigned to it. We need to figure out if we are going to support these and how and if we aren't going to support it how we are going to disable it.

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Can you elaborate on the "how"? Is this about technical aspects, social aspects, both?

It depends on which way we are trying to go. If we support it, probably
social, and if we don't, probably technical. IMHO using social fixes to
"fix" main workflow problems that can potentially clog up a system (and can
possibly introduce very big problems as we found in T135) will just end up
making more problems than it is worth.

Aklapper triaged this task as Lowest priority.Apr 14 2015, 3:49 PM (and that then goes to would be needed if we implement a support model similar to T555 (what I'm saying is if we allow users to use Phabricator for more of a personal workflow rather than being community based). So if a user creates their own todo it would only be visible to the creator.

I'm not sure the arc todo command:

  • is really only to create blank description, personal tasks
  • asks we do anything about it

Technically, it's a part of arcanist, which is a CLI client to interact with any Phabricator installation (you can specify a default instance in your ~/.arcrc, and it will also know where to go based on the current repository .arcconfig file / and now it seems it could also be a good idea to force through CLI parameters the known instance for scripts bound to specific instances with --conduit-uri).

So, without anything to configure server-side, it works out of the box.

I mostly use it in scripts to create tasks placeholders I can fill in just after creation, to log work done (again through a script to add a relevant comment and resolve the task).

For example, the accidental creation below is from a script who does pkg audit | arc paste, and arc todo "Software security issues on $HOSTNAME" if there are current packages vulnerabilities of one of my FreeBSD servers. I then edit the bug or add a first comment to develop the task.

Socially, current good sense already works: when we create a task, we want to provide context and information about plan for action. The cases were all this information could be contained in the title are extremely limited (I've never seen any such task here). So, if a developer creates task with blank description, remember them to add meaningful information will be enough.

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I agree with @Dereckson, this is a non-issue.