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Expand the Phabricator Etiquette to all Wikimedia technical collaboration spaces
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A parallel track, or a tactical step in that direction, could be to expand the Phabricator etiquette to the rest of online technical channels:,, Gerrit, mailing lists, and IRC. All these channels have the same scope, form a continuum, share a big percentage of actors and topics, and default to English.

This etiquette (born as Bugzilla etiquette) was co-created by several contributors of different affiliations, and it has proven to be useful in Bugzilla and Phabricator. Would there be a reason not to expand it further to the rest of tech channels?

what do you think about continuing with the expansion ot the Etiquette to Gerrit? Then and (including Labs). Then the technical mailing lists (to be decided how, even if one by one).

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This task here is kind of overlapping with T90908: Goal: Binding code of conduct for all Wikimedia technical spaces with consequences for breaches at least in the intention. Should we merge it and focus on that effort instead?

Thanks for merging! Too many places to discuss the same underlying intention already (on-wiki talk page (←best place), Phabricator tasks, wikitech-l thread).