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mwext-*-testextension shouldn't be limited to one per node
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I noticed just now that this job was queued in Jenkins for over 10 minutes before it eventually started. This seems like a bug somewhere in Jenkins, Gearman or Zuul.

The build was triggered in Jenkins, but Jenkins did not start it because it says it is waiting for an executor on integration-slave-precise-1013. But why did it not simply use another slave instead? There was plenty of room.

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The mwext-*-testextension jobs are throttled by a plugin so there is only one instance of them per node. That is to prevent the slaves disk space to be filled with multiple copy of mediawiki/core

There might be a bug in that plugin :(

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jjb/mediawiki-extensions.yaml:182: - throttle-one-per-node

That is the Jenkins extension.

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This is intentionally configured this way via throttle-on-per-node to avoid multiple workspace on one slave for the same extension (both of which would clone mediawiki-core).

While we'll still have copies of mediawiki-core for each extension on each slave, this helps a little bit.

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This will be done as part of migrating to Nodepool instances. The specific task is T87294: Nodepool images need Gerrit mirror for git-clone performance