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Update error messaging on donate form (pre-payment fields)
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Related to task T86214, Megan and I worked on coming up with new error messaging for errors that currently display as popups, but will display as red text under the field once T86214 is complete.

Error: didn’t enter donation amount
Suggested new error response: Please select an amount to donate (red text & highlight field)

Error: didn’t enter first name/last name/address/city/zip code/state
Suggested new error response: “Please enter your first name/address/city” etc, red text and highlight incorrect field. This is the current text but it displays as a popup, doesn't highlight incorrect field.

Error: email address excludes @ symbol
Suggested new error response: "Please enter a valid email address, i.e." (red text and highlighted field instead of popup)

Error: donated below minimum amount ($1 USD)
Suggested error response: "Please select an amount (minimum 1 USD)" (red text)

This text is finalized, approved, and ready for implementation!

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Not sure what next steps are, i.e. if this goes through or tech. @Pcoombe do you know?

The workflow is,

  • Edit the English text in the DonationInterface codebase, or in TWN.
  • Once those changes are merged, translation can happen on TWN.
  • As translations are ready, they will be pulled in alongside other changes each time we deploy to paymentswiki.

I don't think it's possible to change the English text on translatewiki, we have to change the DonationInterface code. I can probably make a patch for this tomorrow if no-one else gets to it first.

Awesome, thanks @Pcoombe & @awight. This isn't urgent but nice to fix
whenever we can.

@Pcoombe - just to be clear, the changes to the formatting are happening with Sherah in T86214, right?

@pizzzacat @awight will this conflict with the refactor work that's happening there?

Change 204798 had a related patch set uploaded (by Pcoombe):
Change English error messages

@atgo Yes, changing the formatting is T86214, which I'm not in a position to help with. My patch just changes the content of the messages.

@atgo @pizzzacat: The refactor will use the existing error strings, so there's no conflict. Thanks for checking!

Change 204798 merged by jenkins-bot:
Change English error messages

@Pcoombe should we get this into review/deployment in the next sprint?

@XenoRyet - FYI... this is the one for the error text changes :)

The new text has been reviewed, merged and deployed. Sorry, I just forgot to close this. T86214 (changing from popups to red text and highlighting) still needs to be done though.