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Require email on iDEAL form
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Megan and I were testing some forms and noticed the iDEAL form does not require the donor to enter their name or email. This explains why DS often sees what looks like a dummy email for a lot of iDEAL donations. It makes it hard for DS to find problems, and means we're losing email addresses for future appeals.

This is low priority right now, but high before the NL campaign starts.

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We are still seeing issues from not requiring any personal info from iDEAL donors. In addition to losing donor email addresses for future appeals, it points the privacy-oriented towards one method over another, and complicates confirming donations to our donors. A sample transaction is Ingenico 5194496965, from a donor wanting to confirm that their donation was not recurring. As NL allows tax deductions we should prioritize sending TY emails to donors automatically. Can we modify the form so that it won't transmit an amount to Ingenico without something in those fields?

iDEAL form.png (638×1 px, 75 KB)

Is this fixed with @awight's latest deploy?

@Ejegg Looks to me like it is. I'm getting red text errors when leaving out email or any other contact info, and the form won't continue until fixed.