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When relevant codecs aren't available, an inaccurate message recommending "an HTML5 video browser" is displayed
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Open a file description page for an Ogg video file in a browser such as IE11 that does not support WebM or Ogg formats. You see the following message:

For a better video playback experience we recommend an HTML5 video browser.

This is misleading, as IE11 is a "HTML5 video browser" in that it supports the <video> tag. The real problem is that it is missing the required codecs. The message should be changed to reflect this.

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TTO added a comment.Aug 29 2015, 9:24 AM

Is this still an issue now that ogv.js is around? That is, are there any noteworthy browsers on which (a) ogv.js isn't enabled, (b) support HTML5 <video>, and (c) show this particular misleading message?

brion added a comment.Aug 31 2015, 5:26 PM

I believe you'll still get it on older versions of Safari (6.0 and below) and IE (9; 8 and below don't work with the JS for the player infrastructure so don't get that far IIRC).

Yes the messages should be rewritten but keep this message for browsers that have JavaScript turned off.

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