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Add a new public collection feed view
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A user who clicks on the collection item sees a header at the top of Special:Gather that allows them to select between "Popular" and "My collections"

  • Tab defaults to "Popular"

When clicking "Popular" they see a view of a collection is formatted the same as the users own lists and is a subset of collections that:

    • Have more than 3 items
    • Sorted by most recently modified
  • When anonymous clicking my collections takes you to the login page.

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Jdlrobson removed Jdlrobson as the assignee of this task.
Jdlrobson moved this task from To Do to Doing on the Mobile-Web-Sprint-49-Wayne's-World board.
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@KHammerstein The tab is "popular" wouldn't "Recent" or "Active" be more true?

Change 217712 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jdlrobson):
Add the public collection

Hey @Jdlrobson have a look at the original patch, and the email I sent you.

Not sure if we should merge this given the blocking task that @Tgr added.

BTW, sorry, but in the email I just said that I reviewed and changed a bit the patch of this task, and rebased and +2d all the follow up patches of this one.

So merging the patch on this task will merge the dependent patches.

We can merge. The blocking task is not a big deal. We don't say anywhere on the page "items with more than x items" so it's not like there is an inconsistency from the user perspective. It's just something we have to make sure we fix simultaneously.

Change 217712 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add the public collection

This is now blocked on the rendering issues with Mustache..

Moving to "Ready for Signoff" since the patch has been merged.

There are still blocked by tasks. This still needs work.

Moving this task out of the "Code Review" column until the blockers are resolved.

This is a sub task of T102188 - needs review. I'm not actually doing any work on it right now I'm waiting for the patches to be reviewed.

Now that T102941 has been merged, is T101918 still a blocker?