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Creating MySQL tables for MediaWiki sometimes stalled on I/O for several minutes
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It tends to be under 5 seconds or between 2 to 5 minutes. I couldn't find a sample of one longer than 3 minutes, but I've definitely seen them.
(duration: 2s)

00:00:12.249 You can install MediaWiki.
00:00:12.251 Setting up database
00:00:12.355 done
00:00:12.356 Creating tables
00:00:14.843 done
(duration: 1m17s)

00:00:19.584 You can install MediaWiki.
00:00:19.585 Setting up database
00:00:19.622 done
00:00:19.622 Creating tables
00:01:36.238 done
(duration: 2m46s)

00:00:24.617 You can install MediaWiki.
00:00:24.618 Setting up database
00:00:24.659 done
00:00:24.661 Creating tables
00:01:01.998 [Thu Apr 16 03:08:28 2015] [hphp] [27994:7f86ecc1abc0:0:000001] [] SlowTimer [11043ms] at runtime/ext_mysql: slow query: CREATE /* DatabaseBase::sourceFile( /mnt/jenkins-workspace/workspace/mediawiki-phpunit-hhvm@2/src/maintenance/tables.sql ) */ INDEX page_timestamp ON `revision` (rev_page,rev_timestamp)
00:01:14.379 [Thu Apr 16 03:08:41 2015] [hphp] [27994:7f86ecc1abc0:0:000002] [] SlowTimer [12380ms] at runtime/ext_mysql: slow query: CREATE /* DatabaseBase::sourceFile( /mnt/jenkins-workspace/workspace/mediawiki-phpunit-hhvm@2/src/maintenance/tables.sql ) */ INDEX user_timestamp ON `revision` (rev_user,rev_timestamp)
00:03:10.550 done
(duration: 1s)

00:00:07.482 You can install MediaWiki.
00:00:07.483 Setting up database
00:00:07.516 done
00:00:07.516 Creating tables
00:00:08.961 done
(duration: 36s)

00:00:14.645 You can install MediaWiki.
00:00:14.645 Setting up database
00:00:14.683 done
00:00:14.684 Creating tables
00:00:50.095 done
(duration: 2s)

00:00:12.024 You can install MediaWiki.
00:00:12.026 Setting up database
00:00:12.068 done
00:00:12.069 Creating tables
00:00:14.399 done

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I haven't seen any jobs lock for more than 1 minute since T96230 got resolved. It still sometimes takes upto 30 seconds to create the database tables (as opposed to the median 5 seconds), but that seems acceptable for the time being.