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Software architecture documentation maintainability bot (read only)
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Idea to follow change event that have been done to the source files within some tasks, and indicate those changes to the users of documentation hosted on the

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Could you please elaborate? What does "indicate those changes to the users of documentation hosted on the" actually mean? How to identify these "users of documentation" and how to "indicate" exactly?
I assume you are actively working on this?

Currently contains description for the key files of mediawiki source code ( Tracking changes to this files via Phabricator allows us to track who made the change to which file in context of which task. Based on this information another bot for could updates special properties on the WikiPage for each separate file of mediawiki source code. That might help to indicate to the maintainers of which pages have to be updated.

I think I get the idea, but could you provide one specific example with the corresponding Phab task, codebase file, and "special properties on the wikipage" affected?

Are you actively working on this?

Yes, we work on this as part of university project, in particular Master Thesis ( We would like to come up with some results until the Wikimedia Hackaton which is going to take place in Lyon in the end of May. I will come up with a specific example within one day. Maybe I will also have to specify my plan in detail to Quim Gil and S Page.

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Ah, thanks for the information! Awesome. CC'ing @Spage here as this touches documentation.

I've been responding on various private e-mail threads. I think a bot that notes what needs to be updated is interesting, especially if it could, for example, insert/provide/link to a git log of changes to relevant files since the wiki page was last significantly changed.

However, ideally the software should Be Bold and update documentation itself. To me that means (this is an incomplete list)

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I'm still not entirely sure which role Phabricator is supposed to play here - could you maybe clarify?
Would you want a bot to create some task in Phabricator when code files changed and on-wiki documentation needs updates?
Or would you want a bot to add a template / info box on-wiki about outdated documentation when code files changed?
Asking as those options sound like very different things to me.

Also, are there any updates to share, one year later? Thanks! :)

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@Milksh: Any updates?

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Unfortunately closing this report as no further information has been provided.
@Milksh: Please reopen this report (by changing its status) after you have provided the information asked for and if this still requested. Thanks!

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