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Move tools-mail to trusty
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Would also help ensure it is fully puppetized.

Migration checklist borrowed from T97574#1421958:

  • Instance creation
  • Instance configuration, pt 1 - restricted_to=tools.admin
  • External connectivity
  • Wikitech:
    • Associate IP
    • Add host name ''
    • Add host name ''
  • reverse DNS
    • Patch submitted
    • Patch merged
  • Create hieradata/labs/tools/host/tools-mailrelay-XX.yaml
    • Patch submitted
    • Patch merged
  • Set up Puppet classes: assign role role::labs::tools::mailrelay
  • Track puppet application
  • Add MX record (not in git, but LDAP? check with Coren)
  • Run tests

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Note: tools-mail is a OpenGridEngine submit host, so we can't migrate it to jessie.

Apparently I even wrote some tests for the relay at some point;

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w00t, we were able to do the in-place upgrade for it:D