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Validate which Flow moves are allowed?
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As a user on (not my staff account) , if I rename (move) a page, that already has a Flow board attached, then the Flow board is left behind at the old location, because I don't have rights to create a Flow board, and hence cannot even move one. E.g.

  • Trying to move a page, with Move associated talk page checked:

l4dsnNu.png (205×811 px, 27 KB)

  • Trying to move just the Flow board itself:

5t0MRz7.png (796×784 px, 85 KB)

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I've overhauled the description, unset the priority, and moved to 'current' workboard primarily to re-triage the difficulty. Needs team discussion, on the available options (of how to give everyone the ability to do page-moves as expected, but without prematurely opening up FlowEnable via page-moves).

So there were two parts to this before:

  1. Should we continue our current policy on Flow board moves (you need to be able to create them at the destination)?
  2. If you move the subject (non-talk) but can't move the talk, the talk gets orphaned.

Should we limit it to #2?

@Quiddity What about this sysop-only way (mentioned by @Bluedeck on zhwiki:互助客栈/技术#.E6.89.BE.E5.88.B0.E4.BA.86.E7.A7.BB.E5.8A.A8flow.E9.A1.B5.E9.9D.A2.E7.9A.84.E6.96.B9.E6.B3.95)

  1. Delete "old title", and then create the same "old title" as random texts;
  2. Delete "old title" again, then restore ALL revisions of that;
  3. Simply move "old title" to "new title" and delete "new title";
  4. restore ONLY Flow-related revisions.