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Promisify html-metadata
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@mobrovac, need help with this. Everything seems to work okay but I just cannot get the tests to behave:


When I run these, I get an error thrown from assert.js which I copied from service-template-node. The problem is

a) Unhandled exception error, function is undefined, getting thrown from
b) This error isn't caught by the test and the test passes regardless.

Lots of other tests broken too. I'm not sure exactly what's going on; if the problem is how I wrote the tests or if there's an underlying problem with index.js (both would be my guess because a) there's an error throw and b) error isn't getting caught by the tests.)

@Mvolz, fixed in 4c8703b. The problem was that in errors.js the onRejected param to assert.fails() was not provided. I got around it by defining an empty function there if it's not provided.

The problem appeared to have been in scraping.js because the time-out on the promise happened while executing it (but was actually completely unrelated to it).

@mobrovac, where are we on this one?

I'm happy with it. I added some commits to the PR, so it's basically waiting on your review. If you're OK with the additional changes, feel free to go ahead and merge. When you do, please remember to publish the new version.