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Create "German-community-wishlist" project
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Name: German-community-wishlist
Description: Project to manage tasks related to the "Community Wishlist" that is maintained by WMDE. More information on the list of wishes can be found here (German):
Type: Umbrella

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Hmm. If we are to approve this, I think that it should should cover either:

  • German Wikimedia communities (not just Wikipedia) requests that are fairly specific to the way they use MediaWiki (not just any random feature), or
  • German-language support in MediaWiki

I have a feeling that second one is already fairly well covered by internationalisation.

@Krenair exactly, the first point would pretty much cover it. That's also what the provided link is about. WMDE is actively working on tasks from that list but it is just hard to maintain the project (backlog, etc..) on that wiki. That's why I want it to have a Phabricator project.

Aklapper triaged this task as Medium priority.Apr 21 2015, 4:03 PM

Feel free to go ahead and create this; see for the usual guidelines. :)

(T91286: Consider creating Phabricator projects for Wikimedia sites in specific languages feels only slightly related here. For the records.)

After some discussion internally we think a better name for it would be "dewiki-technical-wishes". So if nobody objects, I'm going to create the project.

Urgh. For the Wikipedia site only? Not the other German WMF-hosted wikis?

Are you planning to start tracking on-wiki issues with this, like gadgets?

For the beginning this is mostly about the Top-20 wishes from We are actively working on that list and it is just a pain to manage this on-wiki. That's the main reason why I requested this project.
Further wishes can of course be tracked with this project but at the moment we are only committed to the ones according to the top-20 list.

Based on experience I think I'd appreciate a sentence for Phab users in the project description what the expected project use is: Should anyone just go ahead and associate their "pet peeve" task to this project if they feel like they want to see a certain task fixed/implemented on German Wikipedia? If not, please express that. :P

(Also, I'd probably go for a "tag" type here - doesn't feel like the corresponding codebases are subprojects of this one.)