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Move integration-zuul-layout* jobs to labs slaves
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All of these jobs require 'zuul-server' to be installed, which is why they are currently pinned to gallium. We could use something like tox -e venv ... that jjb-diff currently uses, but that would risk validating against a different version of zuul than is currently running.

Once zuul is packaged, can we just install it on the labs slaves that way?

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T48552: Create a Debian package for Zuul was made to have zuul-cloner deployed on labs slaves. The package also provides the zuul server. The versions for Precise and Trusty have slight differences in how the python modules are shipped, but we can just tie the job to the same distribution as the Zuul server host.

So it should be all about invoking /usr/bin/zuul-server.

Change 205244 had a related patch set uploaded (by Hashar):
Move integration-zuul-layout* to labs

Change 205244 merged by jenkins-bot:
Move integration-zuul-layout* to labs