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T52474 causes templated refs used multiple times to appear blank
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SInce T52474: In VisualEditor, references in templates cannot be reused and are numbered separately from references in the text. causes the numbering to be wonkey, it also doesn't recognize that there is any content in a reference which is "based" in an infobox and re-used in the article.
(E.g. <ref name=1>text</ref> in infobox and <ref name=1 /> in the article, make the footnote in the article show as blank.) See the video.

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This is also causing errors when translating articles using CX, which copies the reference, but doesn't copy the "content" that is for the reference. See

Amire80 triaged this task as High priority.May 4 2015, 1:15 PM

Oh, noticed that it's more of a Parsoid bug, so maybe I shouldn't prioritize it myself. But for what it's worth, it affects ContentTranslation in an important way.

@Amire80 Can you provide more details about what the Parsoid bug is? The HTML should have the right data-mw properties that point to the content independent of whether the <ref> is in top-level or template content.

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From the duplicate task:
English Wikipedia Greek census11 references cannot be inspected or adapted in ContentTranslation and VisualEditor; To reproduce it, try to edit the first reference in using VisualEditor, or to translate that article from English to another language using CX and to click the reference.

It appears that this reference is inserted using some very clever template code, which neither VE nor CX are able to handle.

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This is not an issue anymore. VE handles it correctly.