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Move the view of photos on banner lower
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Currently they are positioned too high, can we lower the position of the image (not the window) lower by 50px so we can see more of the top of the image?

Ping @vshchepakina for more clarification

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The picture is demonstrated as a background of the slide box. By default its position is center center.
I'm trying now to fix the position as center -60px, it seems work for the current pictures.
I think it would be better using JS dynamically compute the position and overwrite to the box

@violetto and @vshchepakina
Are the pictures look good now? Do we need further adjustment please?

They look so much better now. What did you mean by "better using JS
dynamically compute the position and overwrite to the box?"

I meant use JavaScript to compute the position for each banner picture. But pictures vary.
Fixed position is easier. If we change the banner pictures in the future, please consider to save some more upper room for the pictures.

Ah, ok. When we get to a more complicated situation we'll consider JS

Thanks @violetto
Will close this task :)

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