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[Task] Review and polish new version of data model primer
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Description could serve as a replacement for the old, outdated data model primer.

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(Copy from T75603)
Discussed this with @Snaterlicious om May8. He said he'll work on his proposal a bit more. Some key points from the discussion:

  • remove the notion of "Fingerprint" from the model. Instead, represent sets of labels, descriptions, and aliases separately, to accommodate future types of entities.
  • Mention the notion of "unique features" in the model. Unique features for properties are (language + label) and (language + alias), unique features for items are (language + label + description) and (siteid + page). See also T74430
  • Clarify the relationship between the logical data model (which is an abstract description of a data structure) and the conceptual schema (which is a semi-formal ontology of real world concepts).

Assigning to @Snaterlicious since he said he'd work on it. removing this from the sprint for now, since he's on vacation.

Jonas renamed this task from Review and polish new version of data model primer to [Task] Review and polish new version of data model primer.Aug 13 2015, 7:21 PM
Addshore subscribed.

Outdated, we are leaving T75604 to cover this, it may one day be re-evaluated.