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[Task] Review and polish new version of data model primer
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Description could serve as a replacement for the old, outdated data model primer.

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(Copy from T75603)
Discussed this with @Snaterlicious om May8. He said he'll work on his proposal a bit more. Some key points from the discussion:

  • remove the notion of "Fingerprint" from the model. Instead, represent sets of labels, descriptions, and aliases separately, to accommodate future types of entities.
  • Mention the notion of "unique features" in the model. Unique features for properties are (language + label) and (language + alias), unique features for items are (language + label + description) and (siteid + page). See also T74430
  • Clarify the relationship between the logical data model (which is an abstract description of a data structure) and the conceptual schema (which is a semi-formal ontology of real world concepts).

Assigning to @Snaterlicious since he said he'd work on it. removing this from the sprint for now, since he's on vacation.

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@daniel Still needs to be done?

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Outdated, we are leaving T75604 to cover this, it may one day be re-evaluated.