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Update TLS/HTTP documentation on wikitech
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This task has been open since 2015 and the Wikitech HTTPS documentation is still in need of improvement. While the HTTPS pages on Wikitech have been updated since then, the HTTPS requirements on Wikimedia sites are undergoing a large change due to T238038.

Other OTRS agents and I have noticed this issue while dealing with various complaints about the deprecation warning. One ticket I handled needed more technical information about the requirements because they thought their systems supported TLS 1.2. That information was not easy to find or complete. Another agent handled a ticket with a complaint that HTTPS/Browser Recommendations § Network Security Matters said they could still read pages when they were being prevented from doing so.

Because the information that should be on these pages is not readily available, they need to be updated by someone who knows how HTTPS is configured on Wikimedia sites.