Deliver a "translation table" to some Phase 5 wikis
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Some time ago I made a quick and dirty table with translation progress for a given language (I wish I knew how to make it beautiful...).
If we had time, we'd deliver one to 5-10 of the VE-Phase 5 wikis, and check if the reminder had any impact after a while - although I think I remember that those stats are not exactly super-reliable, so pinch of salt etc.

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I'm going to update screenshots for the user guide soon. Perhaps after I'm finished with that (end of June? July?), then @Trizek-WMF would consider looking into this task.

Just tell me when I can start.

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I think that doing this right before the translathon would harm that initiative. We could re-frame this and deliver such a table right when the translathon starts (and maybe change to focus from a specific VE phase to something else, like "the n languages with less VE translations". I'll discuss this with Trizek next week.

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We agree that translation tables will be more useful when coupled with announcements about the upcoming translathon, so that's the direction we'll take (and it won't have to do with Phase 5 wikis alone).

I like the idea of doing this as part of an announcement for the translathon at Wikimania. However, generating the tables is a lot of work. Perhaps it would be okay to collect some of the data early and prepare the personalized messages?

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We're working on what is necessary to get the task done, yes. Maybe if I change the status back to Open this will be more obvious.

I've tried to create a template in order to generate these tables. Then, I've discovered this Special page :

I seems possible to create a template, and automatically fill it. Then, this Special page generates raw data or wikitext. @Elitre told me she'll ask Siebrand about it.

The Export feature allows to export the actual content which needs to be translated, not the statistics, AFAIK.

I think the question to ask here is different: is it possible to show translation statistics for just one message group for a language? (We're building a message group with all the pages translators can work on during the translathon).
Giving the link to the full statistics (temporary example) could be an alternative, but then people would be prompted to translate everything in the group, without a chance to pick up what they're mostly interested in or what has the highest priority.

Having the ability to export only the stats for the group we need from such a page though would be optimal, because it would allow us to create the table and to order pages per priority. Worst case scenario is we need to look at such a page and add data to the table manually.

I agree with you concerning having detailed statistics. And seeing how URLs are, I think it is possible to extract information for given language, with a specific template.

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Phase 5 wikis will receive a Village Pump invitation to the translathon. However, posting personalized messages looks like a commitment we can't take right now - but it's a good idea to keep it in mind, as an experiment.