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List relevant deletion log entries on deleted pages
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It would be nice to see the log entries for earlier deletions when editing
nonexisting pages (in a similar way to Special:Blockip, where the relevant block
log is shown). This would help against inadvertently recreating deleted pages.
(One could put a link to the deletion log into [[MediaWiki:Noarticletext]], but
thats just one unneccessary extra click, and most people wont bother checking it
before starting a new article.)

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Severity: enhancement



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wwwwolf wrote:

This one gets my vote.

A lot of users I've talked to seem to say the same thing: It's hard for the
non-experts to know why their article was deleted from Wikipedia. Heck, I'm an
admin, and find it funny that I need to two mouseclicks on completely unrelated
places to get to the current article's deletion log. I bet a lot of well-meaning
users keep recreating their articles because the article just vanishes and no
one's got around yet to tell them about the speedy deletion criteria or how the
user pages work.

Just having "This article was deleted most recently due to the following reason:
[[WP:CSD#A7|Unremarkable person...]] ([[Special:Log/Foo|See complete log]])"
would help things, I guess.

ayg wrote:

*** Bug 10095 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

cannon.danielc wrote:

Committed r22642 which should do the trick. Leaving open to see if there are any problems.

  • Bug 6285 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***