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Research plan for Content Translation
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For Content translation I would like to do some usability testing sessions:


  • Check how the translation process is supported by the current very basic implementation. Many things are lacking but, that will be helpful to identify missing tools and mental model mismatches. The idea is to repeat these tests as new functionality is developed.

It would be great to test with different kinds of users (all of them need to be multilingual for translation to make sense):

  • Non-editors or inexperienced editors (to see if they found this an easier way to contribute).
  • Experienced editors (to verify that the tools make the task easier than editing in the regular way).
  • Translators (to get feedback on the tools they are missing and learn on the specific use they make of those tools).

Script draft
Pre-test questions:

  • Which languages do you speak?
  • Do you edit Wikipedia in which languages?
  • When creating an article, do you translate from another language? Can you describe the process?
  • Is any part of the process, specially tedious or complex?
  • Do you translate the whole article? Which parts of it?
  • Which kind of articles have you translated?
  • Which information or tools do you use during the translation process?

Test script:

  • Imagine you want to create a version of the article X in your language. Can you create such article sing this tool? Let us know when you find something confusing or hard to achieve.
  • (after the user has translated some amount of text) what would you do to create the new article?
  • What would you do next, once the article has been published? (to identify the post-processing tasks)
  • We are also testing some prototypes with features to deal with links. Can you translate the first sentence of this article including the link?

Post-test questions:

  • Did you have any problem translating the articles?
  • was there anything you could not do that you think it is necessary for translating?
  • Were you expecting more help in some steps of the process? which ones?
  • You added links in different forms in the latest prototypes, was it clear how to manipulate them? Did you found any of the methods problematic or especially convenient?
  • Prepare spreadsheet to capture structured results
  • Decide on which page to ask users to translate

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  • due: 2014-06-13T20:00:00.000Z

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@Pginer-WMF is this still a valid task? Or should we close it and open a new one when needed?

@Pginer-WMF is this still a valid task? Or should we close it and open a new one when needed?

I'm in favor of closing it and reopening another with a more specific focus when needed.
Since this ticket was created we have observed users making use of the tool and collected some of the issues in tickets such as T105923: Fix issues found during Wikimania 2015 Hackathon and Workshops.