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"Regular expression filter" not working anymore in MW-1.24.2
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It seems that the Regular expression filter is broken in MW-1.24.2. Expression used in the form checks if input is a number and 8 digits long:

{{{field|value|input type=regexp|regexp=/^\d*$/|message=Only numbers!|base type=regexp|base prefix=filter2|filter2.regexp=/^.{8,8}$/|filter2.message=value must have 8 digits!}}}


Found out after updating from MW-1.22.5 to MW-1.24.2. After this I tested the same code in clean wikis with only SemanticForms and SemanticFormsInputs enabled:

  • MW-1.22.5 works fine.
  • MW-1.23.9 works fine.
  • MW-1.24.2 stops working.

Setup for all wikis (on Windows 7):

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Any Javascript errors on the browser console?

Jongfeli added a comment.EditedApr 23 2015, 1:29 PM

No, no Javascript errors. I do see a difference in the HTML code, maybe that can be of help.

In MW-1.22.5 and MW-1.23.9:

<span class="inputSpan">
        <input id="input_2" class="createboxInput" name="Test[value]" size="35" tabindex="2">

In MW-1.24.2 it is called:

<span class="inputSpan">
        <input id="input_2" class="createboxInput mw-ui-input" name="Test[value]" size="35" tabindex="2">
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Regexp was transferred from SemanticFormsInputs to SemanticForms and fixed.
Youĺl have to update to SFI 0.10.0 and SF 3.4.3

See 36382af25e40980c7420047733a8c16e7e07e365