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Enable Extension:Graph on
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Could the Extension:Graph please be activated on the Wikimedia Sverige chapter wiki (

As per the local extension policy there is no need for community support on this wiki.

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We can only enable this ext on production wiki only after Graphoid gets deployed per Erik.

So maybe should we wait a deployment for every wiki during the hackathon instead of deploying it right now for one extra wiki?

(To clarify, the Graph extension is currently deployed on the production cluster on those wikis according the current state of the configuration:, meta. in addition to collab. outreach. and zero.)

Sorry, I meant we should not deploy it on wikipedias until Graphoid. Also,
I think I will remove Graph namespace support, and only keep the <graph>
tag - most of the time, template are much more convenient.

This request is about a deployment on sv.wikimedia, the Swedish chapter wiki (and not on the Wikipedia in Swedish), a low traffic wiki.

Should this deployment wait Graphoid too or can we proceed?

Oops, that I missed. No need to wait, but please don't use Graph namespace
(might want to disable it in config for new wikis)

Change 206777 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dereckson):
Enable Graph extension on sv.wikimedia

Oops, that I missed. No need to wait, but please don't use Graph namespace
(might want to disable it in config for new wikis)

Fine. How do you want the JsonConfig settings arrays to be configured for wikis where Graph namespace is disabled?


[EDI 2015-04-29: @Yurik and me discussed the feature on the Gerrit change and on IRC. In a nutshell, we disabled the possibility for new wikis to use namespaces, and also, following @Krenair suggestion, for wikis still not using them.]

Dereckson triaged this task as Medium priority.Apr 27 2015, 1:01 PM

Change 206777 merged by jenkins-bot:
Enable Graph extension on se.wikimedia

Deployed during 2015-04-29 evening SWAT.

Works according

Please note we're in a process of deprecating the use of external namespaces, and we locked this evening the possibility for new wikis (or current wikis with no current namespace use) so you have to put all data inline between the <graph> tags.

You'll find some samples at