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Post feedback to all suggestions on CEP Process Ideas page
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This is a Q4 goal and we will continue posting sections as we respond to them here.

Shall we just admit that this project is dead? The discussion has moved away, there have been major changes to the WMF internal organisation, a new strategic plan, a new community tech team, changes to major projects, ... the chances are low that this is anything other than a set of ideas to refer to for inspiration during the odd brainstorming session. The correct application of staff and volunteer time and effort is to determine why it failed and how to do better in future.

@Rdicerb: Any news / status update here? What's the plan for this task?

@Quiddity - you posted the updates to this, but not sure if you got all of them yet. Feel free to close this when you've done so!

@Quiddity , is this completed? If not, do you plan to work on this during Liaisons-March-2016 ?

Elitre lowered the priority of this task from High to Lowest.Nov 30 2017, 4:59 PM

I am declining this task. It doesn't make much sense at this point.