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[Story] Create real URLs for wikidata ontology
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Right now we have URL resolve to real data page. However, a lot of other URLs mentioned in RDF dumps do not correspond to anything. Specifically: - ontology base - all property predicates - all statements - prefix for RDF values - prefix for RDF preferences

We should devise and implement URL scheme in which, at least on wikidata, all these URLs would exist and lead to a sensible place.

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The ontology base URI is now decided: (resp for now That should redirect (303?) to the OWL document URL,

The base URI for entities on should remain inside the domain. The suggested paths seem fine: - all property predicates - all statements - prefix for RDF values - prefix for RDF preferences

Though I'm not quite sure whether we should be using http or https here. That disctinction is a bit silly for URIs. is there some Best Practice for dealing with this?

Sounds good.

I am not aware of any best practice re "http vs. https" but all URIs I know are using http as a protocol.

Should it be linked with docs/ontology.owl in Wikibase repo?

As for https, I don't see big need to do https - it's less cacheable and it's not something that contains sensitive non-public information.

@Smalyshev should be docs/ontology.owl from the repo. I don't know what you mean by "linked to" though.

I suppose the file should be copied to, an the appropriate redirect/rewrite should be configured there, too. I have filed an issue ticket there:

By linked I meant some automatic process that makes that happen between repos, but we also can do it manually for now.

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Change 230483 had a related patch set uploaded (by Smalyshev):
Create real URIs for wikidata RDF URIs part probably needs to be split out since it is a different site from with different codebase (and static one at that which also complicates things).

Another proposal from @mkroetzsch:

I don't know what the implementation status is for generated URIs like, since we cannot resolve them so easily. One way would be to redirect to a suitable DESCRIBE query result on the SPARQL endpoint. But this may require some more implementation work first. I think our main goal should be to have proper RDF replies for items and (all URI variants of) properties.

Change 230483 merged by RobH:
Create real URIs for wikidata RDF URIs