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UploadWizard should not use jquery ui
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The following need to be created using OOUI js rather than jQuery UI


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Not necessarily. It doesn't matter what they get rewritten in as long as they are rewritten in a way that does not use jquery UI.
I would be happy to enable Upload Wizard on mobile with UploadWizard's UI elements but not jquery ui since jQuery UI is used by more things and thus has more consequences on other pages.

Might be worth splitting into subtasks which are shared by both though e.g. $.fn.dialog => OO.ui.Dialog, $.fn.datepicker => OO ui date picker [which needs building], $.fn.suggestions to OO.ui.LookupElement, $.fn.progressbar => OO ui progress bar [which needs building], $.fn.button => mediawiki ui button / oo ui js button (which ever makes sense on the short term)