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JavaScript errors when translating on CX
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The title may sound generic, but it's indeed a problem that happens on a lot of sites and pages, essentially making CX broken in production.

To reproduce, Try to translate the article Кашира from ru to ba.

Click on some paragraphs and try to type - and it will be impossible, and there will be a JS error about templateData.

This happens when I try to transl articles from the Russian Wikipedia. Maybe it happens with other languages, too.

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I can't reproduce it with


Now, I can:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined


if ( !this.templateData || > 1 ) {

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Change 206751 had a related patch set uploaded (by KartikMistry):
Only use templateData when not null

I can't reproduce it with


It is page=Кашира&from=ru&to=ba&targettitle=Каш

page=Кашира&from=ru, in its first paragraph there is a template named Население that render the text 40 213[1]. In this the reference fragment is not a template and does not have template data.

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Change 206751 merged by jenkins-bot:
Check if template fragments are of type mw:Transclusion before processing